Pavan Iyer



An Atlanta native, Pavan Iyer is a licensed architect and former Buzz graduated from Georgia Tech with a Master’s in Architecture and a minor in Environmental Science. Prior to eightvillage, Pavan was a designer at Lake Flato in San Antonio, working on award-winning projects of all scales, including net-zero water houses, higher education buildings, and urban planning projects. Upon returning to Atlanta, Pavan played an integral part in starting-up and piloting numerous local initiatives, including Ryan Gravel’s urban think-tank Generator, a non-profit dedicated to fostering ideas for cities by people.

eightvillage continues the ethos of the Ashtagrama. We are a place-based architecture and planning firm seeking to have positive-impact in communities. We strive to bring together facets of architecture, urban design, and ecology  to collaborate and help foster a sense of place through an empathetic and place-driven process.

In addition to our expertise in architecture and urban design, our firm brings a design process that matches the team’s empathetic and story-driven approach to the project. We also hope to also bring our unique models of community engagement to drive the execution of the project.